International Advanced Boarding Officer's Course (IABOC) is the international boarding course conducted in AMSAS with the participation of international students as a result of the joint collaboration between the Malaysia Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) and JICA as well as JCG. IABOC involved the Djibouti Coast Guard and a participant from Kenya, Tanzania, Oman and Seychelles respectively whereas the rest of the participants were MMEA officers.



Lecture in IABOC were conducted solely by MMEA instructors from the MMEA Mobile Training Team (MTT) and AMSAS which involved the conduct of both theory and practical lessons.


The course was conducted in 2 (two) parts, theory and practical as per the course schedule. The theory part of the course, all lessons wre conducted in the classroom within the Academy building, whereas for the practical part; encompassing physical training was conducted in AMSAS and for the boarding proper was conducted onboard 2 (two) MMEA ships.


The conduct is in stride with AMSAS's vision to become a Training Institution (TI) under Malaysia Technicial Cooperation Program (MTCP) and as a Public Training Institute leading the way towards becoming the Regional Training Center (RTC) in Maritime Law Enforcement (MLE) and Maritime Search and Rescue (MSAR).


The collaboration between JCG, JICA and MMEA has helped both MMEA and the particpants' maritime law enforcement agencies in improving thier knowledge and experience as we as providing the necessary exposure from them in order to enhance the performance of their duties and be more effective in discharging thier duties.


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